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  • Must have a minimum of 5 acres

  • $10 per hive - minimum 6 hives

  • 3 and  5 year contract terms

  • WBC will need access to the hive 7 days a week from 6am to 9pm

  • WBC will work with land owner to decide the proper spot for the hives

  • WBC will help the land owner complete the Ag exemption forms

  • Beekeeping is an agricultural use and shall qualify for agricultural productivity valuation if used for pollination or for the production of human food or other tangible products having a commercial value. (Section 23.51 (2) Texas Property Tax Code)

  • ACREAGE REQUIREMENT: The State of Texas has set a minimum of 5.00 acres and a maximum of 20.00 acres to qualify beekeeping as an agricultural use.

  • DEGREE OF INTENSITY: Our degree of intensity standard is set at a minimum of six colonies (hives) and 5.00 acres. The minimum degree of intensity was established using Section 131.001 of the Texas Agricultural Code’s definition of an apiary (collection of bees), which is a place where six or more colonies of bees or nuclei (small mass of bees and combs of brood used in forming a new colony) of bees are kept. A colony is the hive and its equipment and appurtenances including bees, comb, honey, and pollen and brood.

  • For each additional 2.50 acres of land one additional colony (hive) is required. Any additional acreage (above 5.00 acre minimum) less than 2.50 acres would not require an additional colony (hive). For example 20.00 acres would require 12 colonies (hives). Six colonies (hives) on the first 5.00 acres and six additional on the 15.00 acres.

  • When property owners initially qualify for agricultural appraisal they must show proof of history for the agricultural / beekeeping operation for any of the five preceding seven years. One way to confirm this to ask for export, import or intra-state permits, which are required by the Texas Apiary Inspection Service to transport hives. The hives must be active and must be located on the property for a minimum of 7 months of the year.

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